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  • The Second ThermaSMART Annual Workshop and Progress 100 Symposium

    2-4 December, 2019, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan 

    ThermaSMART and the International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy (WPI-I2CNER) will jointly hold a meeting with around 40 international experts from 10 countries and 5 continents to discuss phase-change related problems.

    Photo of Kyushu University
    Photo of Fukuoka Tower
  • This year sadly witnessed two pioneering fluid dynamicists passing away, Prof Geoff Hewitt and Prof Jason Reese. Both Geoff and Jason made significant contributions towards mathematical modelling of multiphase flows, and were immensely supportive of their PhD students, aspiring academics and researchers across the board. In their honour, UK Fluids Network Multiphase Flows and Transport Phenomena Special Interest Group, is organising the Hewitt-Reese Spring School for Modelling Multiphase Flows on May 14-15, in Strathclyde (Mathematics), Glasgow. This event is sponsored by ThermaSMART. 

    Photograph of Professor Geoff Hewitt and Professor Jason Reese
    Hewitt-Reese Spring School Flyer
  • ThermaSMART's partners, including early stage researchers, will meet with the EU Project Officer and external expert for the mid-term review on 13 June 2019. 


    H1.51 Science Hub, O'Brien Centre for Science

    O'Brien Centre for Science, UCD
    Belfield Campus, UCD
  • The premier forum in the UK for the national and international heat transfer community to network, dissseminate ongoing work and discuss the latest advances in the heat transfer field.

    Sponsored by ThermaSMART, an EU-funded project researching microprocessor cooling, co-ordinated by the University of Edinburgh. 

    Conference flyer


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