Industrial Research Partners

EU based industrial partners working on the ThermaSMART research project.

Flow Capture

Flow Capture is a technology-driven Norwegian company specialising in X-ray systems for measuring multiphase flows in pipes, channels and other geometries. Its advanced algorithm and use of state-of-the-art components provide users with a unique ability to characterise complex and highly transient flow behaviour in association with the transport and heat transfer processes in multiphase flows. With our REX-CELL™ system, users can capture flows quickly and accurately and 'see the unseen'.

As a partner of ThermaSMART, Flow Capture is committed to

  • Contributing its expertise and experience to various experimental activities
  • Facilitating the research and innovation exchanges with the participating universities
  • Visiting and collaborating with participating members
  • Providing essential technical support to partners, PhD students and post-docs during the execution of the project.

Elvesys Microfluidic Innovation Centre

The Elvesys Microfluidic Innovation Centre is an innovative company, halfway between a microfluidic private research lab and a biotech start-up incubator. Its core business is to establish scientific collaborations with laboratories all over Europe and to build on its successes to create new innovative companies. Elvesys has been established by a team of former researcher in microfluidics who believe that microfluidics will represent the backbone of the next biotechnological revolution. Today, Elvesys defines the state of the art in the field of microfluidic systems and can offer scientific expertise in all fields related to the microfluidic sciences.

Elvesys’ contribution to ThermaSMART project relies on several axes of its expertise: it will transfer its knowledge on microfabrication, entrepreneurship and commercialisation through workshops and dedicated trainings; and its advanced competences in microfabrication and fluid flow will be inserted in the design of the cooling devices that result from this project.

Cherry Biotech

Cherry Biotech is a French company, founded in 2014 by entrepreneurial scientists with a strong R&D background. The company, which has 15 full-time employees, of whom 9 are fully dedicated to R&D, develops and commercialises high performance, precise and user-friendly platforms to control the temperature on a microscope stage using microfluidic technologies. As part of ThermaSMART, Cherry Biotech will participate in the development of the micro channel evaporator demonstrator. The aim of these devices is to demonstrate cooling of high-power electronics in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The extensive experience of Cherry Biotech in commercialization will be useful in the valorization scheme of the demonstrator.

Finally, Cherry Biotech will participate in the training of researchers in advanced fabrication techniques (specifically to integrate micro-sensors for temperature/pressure in micro channels).

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